Gascony, memorable visit of lovely places

Gascony: Unveil A Rare Pearl Off The Beaten Tracks

Auch: a cultural oasis in Occitanie, remaining the historical capital of Gascony. Very heart of the primitive Ausci culture, it developed a civilization soon to be colonized by Roman Empire.

Birthplace of lots of features that were to be parts of Renaissance revolution, that ancient town is famous for Cathédrale Saint-Marie and La Tour d’Armagnac, brilliant architectural monuments, yet emotionally heavy legacy of 14th century for it was a densely populated jail. Connected to Agen, Toulouse and Tarbes through roads, it will be a lovely place to start your voyage.

Tale after tale, told in a language that meddle fascinating scents and tastes, sights and melodies, you will be offered to meet a France that will mark your soul for Gascony is a country on its own, within French frontiers. Unveiling a great deal of savory treats will be one of the cornerstones of your quest, along with a wanderlust and a will to understand what makes History. You might not be aware of it just yet but you may already be familiar with some of those regional treasures that are renowned around the globe. Foie gras, pâtés, armagnac and other local wines are indeed delicious meals and beverages that can be counted among the prime ingredients of Gascony gastronomy, a set of unique know-how that you cannot afford to miss on your gustatory journey.

Where Life Enlightens Gastronomy And Art: Gascony Treasures Will Touch Your Heart

Following the River Gers flowing through the town of Auch, discover an area that rifes with a lot of bucolic farms. On your way to find out how great Gascony delicate treats can taste, pass by comte d’Artagnan Charles de Batz castle: Château de Castelmore. That is where Alexandre Dumas found inspiration for crafting his extraordinary musketeer character. While people life is paced with seasons, meals are proven to be diversified as colors are changing over the year. Those first steps of yours can be followed by memorable visits of lovely places, remembered as cultural artifacts of prime importance for who wants to deeply understand French history.

From Languedoc To Biarritz Area: Be On Your Way To A Senses Nirvana

Holding a glass of Languedoc red wine, have a break, sharing a meal with a local producer and learn the priceless art behind those national treasures crafting process Gascony is proud of. Even if you could finely end that lovely day of yours, happiness could be extended as you will be proposed to visit Pau, capital city of Béarn where French king Henri the IVth was born. After having visited picturesque streets and having filled your soul with the lovely smells of local markets, the Atlantic coast will be waiting for you.

Taking a fresh flowers bouquet for keeping you company on the road, prepare yourself to be amazed by the Bay of Biscay. Pearl of a luxurious tourism, that seaside part of France will help you to slowly get back on tracks with a great deals of activities made possible by a flourishing surfing culture and, from a broader perspective, a real connection to the sea. The last steps of your voyage will also be full of surprises for that western part of France is rich in every way.

Shall you fancy a little night out into the wild, casinos are well provided but the Russian Orthodox Church, the Chapelle Imperiale and the Museum of Chocolate will also offer you to lose yourself in different slices of time. You will understand why that area had England’s Queen Victoria’s affection.

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