Ile de Ré, the island for wonderful family memories

Ile De Ré: Craft Your Memories Through Time And Tides

Along with exquisite cuisine fisherman villages have built around a rich pool of Atlantic ocean wonders, Ile de Ré is to be counted among the most breathtaking destinations, revealing true French culture. Preserved from international tourism, this territory has been nurturing its very own art with a long history of “joie de vivre” that has much to offer to who starts a quest for self-discovery.

Discover unknown flavors

Digging deep into France cultural roots, local flavours are an enlightenment to the senses that only few can truly grasp.

As Peplum seized the chance along the years to become the wonders unveiler of that unique area, there is no doubt that untouched beaches and authentic savory gastronomical creations belong to hidden humanity treasures. To explore the small fish port Saint-Martin de Ré, serving as a capital city, oneself would certainly be amazed by the local simplicity available at sight with a refreshing bicycle ride.

Shall you start your journey through a historical scope, you may enjoy the “Phare des Baleines“, finely designed lighthouse having survived to pretty much everything this beautiful island has been through. Salt field in Loix-en-Ré might also fire your imagination as its fragrances, filling the air and ultimately your mind, may bring you back to a former time modern freezing tools were not a part of daily life.

History racing over the landscapes the island will offer to your eyes, you shall encounter some German bunkers, built during the World War 2, charged with every emotions that global terrific course of events has brought upon humanity.

Fortunately, this very same island also fosters tremendous joy, for the amazing smiles local people can wear are inspired by a high quality lifestyle. The panoramic view of Ile de Ré itself may steal your soul, shall you enjoy it from “La Pointe du Chay” on mainland side.

Other activities available during a travel to Rhé, Rhéa or Rhea as some of the La Rochelle commoners like to call it, may seduce sports lovers, as sailing, surfing, horse riding and even golfing in “Les Portes-en-Ré” are very enjoyable.

No matter where your feet choose to lead you, the calm of an island lifestyle like the one Ile de Ré can provide offers an opportunity to discover unknown flavors that local oysters, salt and most of seafood products keep the secret of. However, even if the sea clearly is the most obvious source of unique features, don’t be fooled: Ile de Ré is so much more.

Treasures to uncover

Deep within its very heart, under the surface, are buried foundations of many sites that preserve natural and historical relics oneself shall never be able to forget. That island of dunes is indeed full of pine forests, unheard of. The old soil is the last mansion for coffins protecting some of the most prolific artists France has ever given birth to.

The untouched beaches and beautiful harbors having inspired most of them for lifelong works sometimes leading to master pieces, nature and culture definitely join for a waltz that has rarely been seen that intense elsewhere.

Spread on 10 different communes, Ile de Ré local people developed unique cultural features, turning the small seemingly dirt and rocks made land into an actual humanly rich melting pot. From Rivedoux-Plage to Sainte-Marie-de-Ré, from Saint-Martin-de-Ré to Le-Bois-Plage-en-Ré, the Charente-Maritime island has its lot of treasures to uncover.
In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, there might really be very few places that can argue being as unique as that glamorously simple and wild nature jewel in the Atlantic.

Therefore, on your way to explore who you really are, shall we head to Ile de Ré?

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