Burgundy, discover a noble territory

Culture trip Burgundy: when gastronomical love meets enthusiasm for history

Burgundy is a well-known place, in France and worldwide. Called by local people “Bourgogne”, this long-lasting France region is famous for its wines and exquisite cuisine masterpieces, but also for unique natural assets. That great deal of authenticity, that the area is full of, is the reason luxury tours oneself can enjoy are a wonderful guarantee for amazement.

Owing to geographical and cultural unique features, any culture trip Burgundy gives the chance to experience is something Peplum cannot afford to miss. Therefore, shall you fancy high standard sports, what horse riding Burgundy spots have to offer is but a fantastic collection of moments you will never forget.

Along with that traditional activity, your palate will not remain untouched by the deep rooted fine gastronomy Burgundy chefs are capable of. Chances are, that you may recall Bourgogne later on with a sense of nostalgia.

Best wine tasting in Burgundy for delicate palates

It would be understandable that the memories you will make within the walls of rich Renaissance chateaux and medieval abbeys trigger a sense of gluttony.

Owing to fertile soils and well preserved vineyards that long-lasting practices have nurtured, wine culture has been developing for centuries to become an art.

As an enjoyable result, Burgundy wine tasting is a part of the most enjoyable experiences oneself can benefit from. Names such as Chablis or Nuit-St-Georges find echoes all around the world. Moreover, considering the region used to be way more powerful than France itself, its liquid assets got the opportunity to shine all around. That situation naturally appeared as a very appealing factor for gastronomy talents and enthusiasts from all around the country.

Consequently, fine cuisine got the attention of brilliant inventors to contribute building an exquisite set of traditions.

Cooking classes in Burgundy France: unveiling the great Dijon mysteries

That very unique gastronomical knowledge might be something you would love to taste and, beyond that, to actually learn.

To help you doing so, our teams have naturally gathered some of the finest chefs and cook for ensuring you will be guided the right way to acquire uncommon skills.

Some of the tastes you shall learn how to deal with will, of course, include very regional flavours such as Dijon mustard one. Understanding how to capitalize on its smells and delicacies for preparing a very typical Bourgogne meal is an activity you will happily remember with no doubt.

Luxury Travel Burgundy: the key features for a successful experience

It is also, obviously, of prime importance, to design your trip the best possible way. That would take those very interests of yours and a very professional network, that Peplum, of course, has very carefully established.

Therefore, the prerequisites for your perfectly designed journey include the following features:

          • A private driver Burgundy area has no secret for;
          • A luxury place finely selected for getting your well deserved rest;
          • A perfectly designed Burgundy wine trip;
          • A fine selection of Burgundy authentic meals;
          • The most history-wise culture trip Burgundy specialists can recommend.


“Travel Bourgogne” is traveling through the whole Western Europe, as middle-age architecture and inspiring anecdotes about great conquests flirting with modern Holland will be at the rendez-vous.Following Burgundy dukes footsteps, you will be introduced to the prestigious Gothic-styled “Hospices de Beaune“, one of the most treasured historic monuments France can be proud of. You will also get to know the reason why truffles get along so well with Bourgogne wine and figure out what truly makes “Escargot de Bourgogne” so special.

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