Normandy, Jewel of Humanity Heritage

Treat yourself to a holiday on the Norman coast

Normandy is the quintessential peaceful destination for a holiday. Nested on the rugged coastline between Northern France and Brittany, this region boasts an impressive number of cultural and natural treasures.

Have you ever heard of Deauville festival? Chances are you do know how impressive that American event taking place in France can be. Apart from the celebrities-related aura surrounding that stimulative cultural gathering, a great deal of luxury activities are available to demanding travellers. Casinos, horse riding, wine tasting and cooking classes get along well with a high standard voyage roadmap. Question is: which area can help you making the most out of your travel? Peplum takes the lead answering you: unveil Normandy treasures.

Meaningful Historical Points of Interest

Covering a wide land that has been giving the prime ingredients for nurturing an amazing gastronomy, Normandy is proud to be famous for savory cultural assets such as Calvados alcohol, finest ciders, Camembert cheese and many other culinary creations. That renowned set of treats, dear to epicurean travellers, has certainly benefited from an inspiring environment.

Between Brittany and Paris basin, Normandy keeps a privileged access to the English Channel. Tourists from all over the world as well as local ones fall for this region. Why?
Architecture, for instance, has given jewels of Humanity Heritage: Mont-Saint-Michel abbeys, various noble cathedrals, stately chateaux and quaint timber cottages are but magnificent evidences.

For proposing such amazing features, though, Normandy had to go through a great deal of historical events. Sometimes bright, often terrible, the region has encountered the rage of merciless Vikings during the 9th century, before the Invaders adopted Christianity. After an agreement those Scandinavian warriors accepted with French king Charles the Simple in 911, a local culture slowly emerged around Rouen city. Normans were born. Unfortunately, war was still lurking around the area.

Satisfy your curiosity and feed your enthusiasm for history by closely examining Bayeux Tapestry. Understand how William the Conqueror decided to start his military campaign in England. Be told the amazing, yet bloody, tale of the Hundred Year’s War that deeply wounded the region from 1337 to 1453. Hear of the fights Catholics and Huguenots held during the 16th century.

Breathtaking Sceneries Offered by Nature

Go beyond urban pleasures and discover nature wonders that inspired some of the most famous French artists such as Boudin, Courbet and Monet. Add sensations to the perception you have built of their masterpieces, figuring out how refreshing the sea air can be in their paintings as you will contemplate the majestic chalk cliffs of Falaises d’Etretat.

Move on then to the D-Day landing beaches, enlighten by the respect due to History that is keeping Omaha beaches kind of untouched.
The bucolic sceneries and various landscapes are the most elegant demonstration of what an idyllic holiday destination has to be. From dune-lined beaches fields, surrounded by chalk-white cliffs, your imagination can only run wild.

Luxury Services for A Unique Tour

For Normandy is a cocktail of smells and sights of prime quality, activities you can take are consequently of the highest standards. The sea shores offer a wide range of spots for satisfying your every need: horse riding, long walks and even swimming are joyful experiences that won’t leave you untouched. The cities and villages have everything it takes, from museums to galleries, for turning a day into a series of memorable moments. Chic boutiques proposing finely crafted objects will also open their doors, welcoming you in charming half-timbered houses. Harbor of Honfleur will pull your seat for enjoying gastronomic meals that will last on your tongue. If you feel like trying your luck, exciting casinos remain available for spicing your journey.

Our travel agency will be glad to arrange every details for your luxury holidays in Normandy.

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