Heritage, historic wonders unvealed

French heritage: exquisitely unforgettable food to the soul

From “châteaux” to churches, French old buildings shape a landscape that has a lot to tell. The Sainte-Chapelle, for instance, is a perfect example of what French tremendously skillful craftsmen and artists have been capable of for centuries. Owing to an attention to the details and a sense of preservation, France can propose to its tourists an amazing composition of cultural assets in some of the most beautiful natural sceneries. Along with parks and gardens, French material and immaterial heritage is unique, offering authentic experience enthusiasts amazing tales to live.

French heritage: an expression to talk about the magic within

French heritage is a term to describe a very distinct set of features that unique long-lasting kingdom, inner heart of art and gastronomy, has developed over the time. Difficult to seize for it is rich and complex, it luckily can be introduced through glimpses of finely crafted experiences that certain professionals with the proper expertise can unveil. That unique knowledge can be retrieved in some of the most appreciated fields. If we were to name those: Gastronomy, that French cuisine is able to play with for the greatest joy of the most demanding gourmets. Haute Couture and fashion design too, that France is renowned for. Long-lasting scents, finally, that craftsmen creativity have used for shaping French perfumes traditions into worldwide acclaimed daily used art.

Peplum team is happy to have the chance to design experiences for sharing important values that can be found in French heritage. By creating tours finely tailored after your needs, following your pace, our team is glad to always do what it takes to bring you the sparks of wonders French history and culture have the secret of.

A French painting journey to draw with colorful tones

From Monet to Van Gogh, an important proportion of the major names who gave birth to humanity painting references, as we know them today, belong to French history. For understanding the anecdotes and amazing details shaping those colorful tones, you will be guided on the footprints of those genius, step by step. The joy will be yours while connecting dots to understand some of the most important world history events under the scope of peculiar minded individual lives. Each of those artists having marked his time, you will be offered a much more intimate understanding. That sense of touching humanity residing within those genius true stories is the very reason why amazing tales are so important to the heart: for they are inspiring and tell a lot about human nature.

Sculpting with matter, words or music: celebrated French knowledge unveiled

Beyond the pictural art that has been worldly acclaimed for a long time, French heritage is also astonishingly full of varied masterpieces born from peculiar hands and minds in various fields. Meet Rodin’s work, witness of an inspiring and creative spirit incarnated into wood. While unveiling the hard to believe facts behind the tormented crafts master, your guide may introduce you to the role Molière, Voltaire, Zola and Hugo were destined to play. Opening paths, those artists and humanists have sometimes ceased to breath before they could get recognized for their contributions. The words they have been playing with, the way it has inspired French nation for nurturing today’s values of “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” and what it has to do with how contemporary French people see the “joie de vivre”…

Discovering how those notions have inspired philosophers, poets and drama authors worldwide, and why it is not to cease anytime soon, will be an emotional and intellectual pleasure you will never forget.

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