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Art De Vivre: Unveil The Many Faces Of French Lifestyle

Oneself shall always remember how to enjoy life small sparks. Yet most of us never stop rushing to their very end. French people just cannot, by nature, forget to sip every single drop of their lives, which might explain why food, beverages and sceneries remain largely unmatched when it comes to have a look worldwide all over France. That very sense of wonders, dealing with an everlasting quest for amazing wonders, might also be the reason France appears so appealing and magical. May it be Brittany crepes and “beurre salé” with traditional apple cider or “andouillette” with a finely embodied “Bordeaux” red wine, meals might actually be always called gourmet in France, for the attention given to praised quality ingredients and recipes leads to a set of prodigiously inspiring experiences.

Breathtaking landscapes also belong to those appealing elements leading to take a meaningful journey. Preparing the body to unite with the full of History anecdotes, yet constantly renewed amazing biodiversity, Mediterranean Sea deeply impacts indeed senses. The sense of creativity sculptures, paintings and every other art pieces convey all around, along with French proud determination to preserve cities unique architectures, might partly explain why the country managed to stand for so long, facing abroad influences and wars.

French “art de vivre” is indeed one of a kind: a lifestyle mainly misunderstood, mostly praised, always relevant for a soul in search of meaning. That love for details, condition oneself cannot afford to ignore for making a life at its fullest, is the exact same reason French explored prominent elements empowering most of luxury achievements. Fashion, gastronomy and arts are indeed nothing but the beautiful outcome of a long lasting mindset discovered over centuries of research. Contributing to create more bearable lives, French lifestyle is all about enjoying oneself the right way through every single life pleasure drops. Shopping in “Les Halles” might also prove itself a pure pleasure, offering to your delighted self, as you wander among the long lasting architectural marvels, an opportunity to get inspired by a French craftsmen unique set of skills.

May you be compelled by the charming social experience a private auction represents, you will have all the time in the world to learn from the most knowledgeable professionals how to truly value peculiar artifacts. From Burgundy to the Atlantic coast, passing by Provence and the French Riviera, there is no way French people would give up on their powerful ability to make a life thrilling and inspiring.

Enter a luxury private world with a unique spirit: the French “Art de vivre”

For Peplum had the chance to grow with such values, you might want to board for what may be the most powerful and impacting journey you will have taken so far. For unveiling those every details lying behind French happiness, an accurate map is drawn by the sense of wonders our collaborators are all full of. From a fabulous bicycle tour in vineyards to an exquisite wine degustation on the top of a centuries-aged castle, exploring tastes as constellations shine through the darkest nights, you may enjoy an unique experience that won’t leave you untouched. That elegant way a culture can transform oneself perception is an asset very few have.

France is to be counted among those lucky ones. With the ink of passion and a magical pen, we propose to write wanderers stories from urban areas to countryside, for there is no adventures that should remain untold. Losing your tracks shall happen, for the truth remains available for who takes a leap of faith. But we promise you will eventually wake up to your true self. French people have understood that for centuries. Shall you too?

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