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French Alps As You Have Never Seen It Before 

The crackling fire in the chimney is rocking you while you are resting. Happily exhausted, your focus is fading away, as the sun that is setting through the windows of your lodge. Before lying down, you are having a look at a majestic series of hills and sharp peaks that are striking your sight.

A white scenery on the outside is revealing its splendor, punctuated with small fairies-like luminous spots through the dark night that soon falls on the region.

Welcome to the French Alps!

That snowy enchanted forest landscape is one of the many aspects that the Alps can offer, spreading beyond frontiers for giving rooms to its wonders to express in many ways in different countries. That is in France, though, that its beauty remains famous for the great diversity it allows. That variousness can be found in the sports available to nature enthusiasts: biking, hiking, paragliding are only a few possibilities to be chosen in a wide series of entertaining and thrilling activities. That diversity is also the rule for certain other features, corner stones of a fantastic adventure.

Gastronomy: French Alps Art De Vivre

Apart from your tasty onion soup diner, a wide range of possibilities is available in that mountainous area. In the deepest and coldest winters, local people are happy, for instance, to share a ‘Fondue Savoyarde’, typical meal making the most of cheese and bread. But you will definitely hear of Raclette, Tartiflette and Diots. To balance those heavy and energy-rich dishes, you might be proposed to have a terribly delicious slice of blueberry pie for dessert. Along with those well-known culinary prowess, a lot of activities can help you to move more than you could expect. Before reveling an amazingly clear sky that will lead you soon enough to be joyfully surprised by a unique new year fireworks show, take a moment to contemplate local lifestyle. Close to nature, feeding themselves well, welcoming others with a large smile: the warmth that can be found in French Alps houses is actually not due to a warm fire, but to warm people. Now think of what you feel like doing and try not getting overwhelmed.

When Luxury Meets Nature

That is a tough choice you will get to make indeed for winter is as rich of potential as summer. The luxury ski resort you will be residing in for a little while will be proud to provide its first-class services, along with sports for helping you to let off steam. You will also be able, depending on the season, to try canoeing, rafting and tubing or stand up paddling. For such activities, breathtaking sceneries such as the Lake of Aiguebelette, Lake of Annecy or Lake Geneva will be lovely spots. Once you feel ready to climb actual nature mastodon, the Mont Blanc will be expecting you to come greeting it. But other stately wonders will be awaiting too like Vanoise, Chartreuse or Vercors.

A Finely Designed Tour For Unveiling The Happiness Behind The Wild French Alps

The food is lovely, the activities plenty and the bucolic sceneries to contemplate doubtlessly infinite. Then how about making the most of your journey by turning it into a Courchevel holistic voyage? By entrusting us to determine every details, you are choosing safety first: we will ensure you can enjoy our wise selection of the finest Michelin restaurants and pick a lovely place among our luxury chalets with skiing option, including a full time butler at your disposal.

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