Hunting in Normandy

Hunting True Meaning: When Normandy Aristocracy Legacy Tells You Its Tales

Huntsmen carry in many traditions a strong will power and incarnate a know-how as old as the world itself. The important role that practice has come to play in societies over millennia led to a certain prestige that aristocrats could enjoy in France, turning a skill into an art.

In the very heart of Normandy region, enter a unique world, where fine tastes are made possible by fine practices.

A Privileged Environment For Meaningful Memories To Build With Friends

Between the romantic style of the Ancient Regime and the Napoleonic era, the park and beautiful estate of an historic Chateau in Normandy offer lovely environment for oneself to express a passion for hunting.

Discover the lasting codes behind the pheasants, red partridges, woodcocks and quails hunt and unveil the reality of high classes from the reign of Louis XVI to the Second Empire.

Between a cozy conversation over a fine book in the grand library where trophies are shared as meaningful memories and fine diners in reception rooms where portraits keep a benevolent eye over ever-changing sceneries, nurture your senses.

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