Corsica, île de Beauté

Corsica: A Mountainous Hidden Gem of the Mediterranean Sea

Away from the French mainland, yet not lost in the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica is but a wonderful island ecosystem where hiking, canyoning and snorkeling can be considered just as normal as walking in a Parisian park for this natural treasure provides an amazing lifestyle. That unique way of living is made possible by a peculiar way of being, daily nurtured by a miracle recipe. The main ingredients of such a great mindset are of prime quality: turquoise water, everlasting sun, slow paced interactions with locals in hill-top village… On the top of the list might be found the astonishing diversity that “Mountain on the sea”, as it is called, offers to its adventurers. Refreshing and lush green valleys, along with thin sand beaches that can be contemplated from majestic heights of biodiversity rich mountain ridges. Those are indeed major features that will not fail to provide you room for crafting unforgettable memories.

Resource yourself with Corsica breathtaking trails

Surrounded by singing birds, as your mood will sway between the thrilling senses that a fresh air provides and a deep relaxation, the melody of bucolic streams will keep you connected to your tracks. Follow the GR20 and unveil the breathtaking treasures that you can shape through great trails. Let yourself be overwhelmed by eucalyptus scents, enjoy the sight of the low maquis Corsica is renowned for, and be amazed by the pure beauty of wild life while encountering boars. Keep moving on for reaching the World Heritage listed Scandola Nature Reserve, where Gargalo island and Palazzu block reign over fabulous aquatic fauna and flora. Admire the jointed basalt structures and red rhyolite cliffs as you will be discovering the famous Calanques de Piana, also recognized by UNESCO. End up your dreamy trek with a refreshing swim in the resourcing waters of the Lavezzi archipelago for finally admiring a unique sunset that will paint in red the Sanguinaires islands.

Lively Cities To Prepare Your Comeback From A Nature Getaway

If that nature getaway of yours will definitely leave marks in your mind, getting back to the normal world will still remain necessary. How about a soft transition then? Corsica lively cities will help you cope with that task by offering you a vibrant atmosphere, yet relaxing. Owing to its rich cultural background, the medieval citadel of Calvi is renowned for great festivals such as the eagerly awaited Calvi On the Rocks 2020. For music eases the soul, the Corsicans know well how to get rid of tensions with jazz celebrations but many other styles too. Other senses will not be outdone as Corsican delicatessen and cheeses are one of a kind.

Why Corsica for luxury holidays?

Would you be on a family trip, a couple getaway or a treat to yourself, Corsica is a cocktail that can only do you good as it gathers everything required for a proper relaxing voyage. Unique natural features, cities with stories to tell, savory gourmet food: you can have it all.

Last but not least, for ensuring your journey will be a memorable success, Peplum spares no effort to deploy everything it takes for your demands to be satisfied. Shall you need a private driver or an enlighten guide, we craft your every steps to turn a travel into a dear tale to remember and share.

Climb more than 200 challenging mountains, let that Mediterranean rock history seduce your mind. Swim in some of the purest waters, enjoy a sunbath like nobody is watching because, indeed, nobody will, for your journey will remain an exclusive collection of fine experiences.

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