Loire Valley, a wonderful voyage through time

The Loire Valley: a wonderfull getaway

A french trip without discovering the historical treasures of the Loire Valley is unthinkable…

Reaching the main cities of this part of the region classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is fast from Paris; less than two hours by train. Between Chalonnes-sur-Loire and Sully-sur-Loire, visitors are amazed by the beauty of the landscapes, the exceptionally preserved heritage and the warm welcome of the inhabitants. You will be delighted by your wonderful getaway of two or more days on the banks of the most charming river in France. Our Loire guides will share with you hidden insights of the region ; unusual villages and unique encounters.

The promise of a fairy tale for families, friends or lovers

The Loire Valley offers by its climate an ideal environment for family activities. The bike tour allows more than 900 kilometers of rides along the river, along the hillsides and in the heart of its deciduous forests. During your strolls, you can have lunch on the terrace of the port de la Savatte in Angers, admire the landscapes from the castle of Saumur or stroll in the luxury boutiques in the historical district of Blois. This wonderful area is the ideal destination for a honeymoon. The newlyweds are accommodated in luxurious villas by the river or on the hillside. They enjoy from dawn until sunset the mild climate and the original beauty of nature. You can bask in a canoe and admire the scenery from the river, or discover the fabulous palette of colours offered by the valley from a hot air balloon. The Loire Valley is the promise of a spectacular trip.

Dive into historical treasures and meet your story

Do you dream of a trip where every moment is a surprise? In this region, its historical monuments are famous, especially the castles renovated by the Kings of France. The Loire Valley is at its cultural and historical peak: Tours was the capital of the country, and many foreign artists, the most famous, Leonardo da Vinci, resided in these royal residences. Plan your excursion of a few days, and you will be amazed by the majestic beauty of the castle of Azay-le-Rideau, by the sumptuous gardens of the castles of Chambord or Chinon and by the typically French sweetness of life that emanates from these places heirs of historical heritage.

During your Valley travel, you will be charmed by the quiet beauty of the castles of Villandry or Montsoreau and delighted to discover the architectural treasures of the castle of Ussé. Take advantage of the services of a private driver to extend your trip at the castle of Chenonceau, one of the most spectacular historical residences in this french area. During their visit, visitors marvel at the magnificence of its gardens. This discovery transforms your day into an enchanted parenthesis, where time is suspended and every moment is happy.

Enjoy a unique travel experience that sublimates all your senses

Your taste buds will also be filled with happiness, thanks to the famous local products. The Loire Valley is one of the most famous places for wine production and its cuisine is renowned. Enjoy a wine tasting tour in the most beautiful wineries of the valley, and enjoy cooking classes offered by the illustrious owners of these manor houses. The Loire wines reflect their environment: soft, sweet and light. The producers of the region are driven by the noble passion of the vine and they will know how to welcome you with refinement and simplicity.

The cultural trip offers a clever mix between tasty tastings, rest in the heart of the most French gardens and an exceptional change of scenery thanks to activities such as horse-riding. Personalize your trip in this region by requesting a quote online.

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