Rare wine tasting in Burgundy

Taste the Burgundian great organic wines

The Burgundy region offers fabulous wines and tasty food. The land is rich in flavours, where you can also taste wines with the organic label.

Discover this unique wine-making know-how by visiting an organic estate in Côte de Beaune. In the Burgundian countryside, walk along the expanses of vineyard fields that make up the properties. In the company of the wine producer, you will understand the importance of these wines, which are so specific and still relatively rare. Take a walk through a domain where nature regains its rights, to the delight of your taste buds.

Explore the outstanding work of the land, which feeds the wine without pesticides or chemicals. An organic-labelled estate contributes to getting back to basics and taking care of the environment. The flavours are all the more powerful, to combine pleasure, health and respect for the planet.

Enjoy the demands of a passionate winegrower eager to pass on his knowledge and to introduce you to his local products.

By its quality, organic wines can even have the effect of homoeopathy. All the benefits of nature are preserved to be found in your glass with its smooth colour and fruity aromas. At the end of the visit, enjoy the selection of exceptional organic wines, especially proposed for you by the winemaker.

Thanks to Peplum, plunge into the heart of unique and singular know-how, to savour Burgundy wines renowned for their gustatory flavours and natural benefits.

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