Gastronomy, a world-renowned French know-how

French Gourmet Philosophy: Discover A Whole New World Of Senses

Impossible to ignore yet uneasy to comprehend, French gastronomy is but a delicious journey oneself must take to discover real pleasure. Within the most marvelous wonders this world has to offer, French gourmet meal is a Humanity asset since its registration in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2010.

Shall it be Pot au feu, Boeuf bourguignon or Coq au vin, there is no better opportunity for a soul on a quest for a prodigious experiment for the senses. From crêpe suzette to Fard breton, it is very hard to avoid the thrill of excitement French cuisine inspire to epicurean wanderers. Considering each region has its own set of flavours, it might be impossible to truly perceive the depth of French culinary wealth. In the meantime, oneself could choose to start from a very safe set of choices.

A finely designed journey to understand what French Gastronomy is all about

Fortunately, Peplum can feel French savory lifestyle in its very flesh and knows where and how to share the path for enlightening tongues among chosen ones.

For composing a pleasant and mastered, yet full of diversity journey throughout French extraordinary cooking performances, a few has to be known. Source of both marvel and stupefaction, the etiquette French lasting gastronomical culture has to observe is anything but vague.

Region specialties to taste, part of a complex French identity

While Brittany will answer your every needs in terms of lobster, crayfish and mussels, you might get a crêpe for dessert. However, make sure to entertain your tongue before doing so with a marvelous set of exquisite oysters. Ile de Ré ones shall prove themselves tasty enough, owing to their healthy iodised salt. Hitting the road once again, stopping by Loire Valley shall also prove itself deliciously useful, for its tender Charolais cattle served with a beurre blanc sauce is an awesome treat to the tongue. Goat cheeses and young vegetables often used in Central France recipes, the special mushrooms “Champignons de Paris” growing in that area shall enlighten oneself sense of taste. On oneself way From Champagne to Alsace, passing by Lorraine, a certain set of common features can be found and truly enjoyed, such as Flammekueche, Andouillette or Quiche.

A great deal of possibilities to turn experiences into unforgettable memories

Shall oneself eat fish, red wine might be a poor choice. While it would be just right to sip sweet white wine along with a dessert, keeping in mind dry one matches fish for the best could help oneself making the most out of a meal. As red wine remains the most suitable companion for a meat based gourmet experience, a wide range of aperitizers and digestive alcohol serve as introduction and conclusion for any epic gustative adventure that has been taken.

When it comes to feed oneself, French people believe that eyes, nose and tongue shall be considered equal, for they might individually feel the greed that a well garnished dish could trigger. Therefore, fine combinations following varied recipes contribute to an amazing cocktail of fragrances and savory feelings arranged in well mastered textures. The 628 Michelin stars restaurants all over France will guide you over that culinary trip for ensuring the best possible experience.

To that extent, Peplum team will remain at your disposal to organize any events you would like to try, be it:

  • Unique cooking classes for you to bring home some French cuisine sparks;
  • High standard wine degustation classes organized with oenologists;
  • Full gourmet tours offering a step-by-step discovery of French cuisine.

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