Witness The First Steps Of A New Art In Paris

Along with the famous painters and visual artists that France gave birth to over centuries, a new genre of performers is settling recently in Paris for challenging art enthusiasts perception. Experience for few hours the history of art in writing process during an atelier that will introduce you to a contemporary art movement: the Street Art.

Since 2009, more than 20 international artists came to the 13th district of Paris for coloring walls and public spaces in a dynamic that aims to give a second life to contemporary common infrastructures by turning them into actual art pieces.

An International Scene To Color Paris Streets With New Shades and many others are to be counted among the great names supporting a museum of a new genre by nurturing its prime material.

Summing a great diversity of techniques and offering a whole new approach, that urban art initiative offers a different version of the poetry that lies into a young generation sensibility of visual arts shaping, after a wide and ancient heritage, its very own way to explore creativity. Prepare for unveiling an avant-garde experience.

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