Champagne, arousing all your senses

Champagne Luxury Tour For A Memorable Voyage 

Half-timbered houses, long-lasting Gothic churches, Renaissance sparks in the middle of a well-preserved old town. This is Troyes. 160 km away from Paris, that is a jewel of culture that allows restless travelers to have a break away from the busy Parisian boulevards owing to an inspiring set of regional features. Welcome to Champagne.

A Name That Rhymes With Luxury

Those features are indeed as unique and inspiring as the region itself. The reason why Champagne is renowned for its astonishing wine quality actually resides in the attention its people pay to what they achieve. That very same attention to details, dear to rightly demanding epicurean travelers, can thus be found in savory drinks but also in refreshing architectural landscapes, Michelin-starred restaurants with a high-standard service in the heart of a vibrant, yet not overcrowded, noble city. All those assets, Champagne region ensures their visitors realize how powerful they are, to arouse the senses.

Sights, Scents And Flavors At The Tip Of Your Senses

Arousing senses, exactly what oneself could expect from an enjoyable Champagne luxury tour, and that is indeed what you will be proposed to experience.

For doing so, visiting the Gothic Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul Cathedral can be a good start. For your journey can satisfy your taste for history, strolling through other wonders of human creativity and wisdom will be made possible. Enter the Basilica of Saint-Urbain and get amazed by the fantastic expertise old France craftsmen were capable of. Discover Reims’ very own Notre-Dame Cathedral. Wander around villages for being exposed to breathtaking and bucolic sceneries. How about even staying in countryside for unveiling what makes an authentic local lifestyle?

Peplum will happily propose you a well nurtured selection to determine the best village to stay in Champagne.

Your relaxing, yet enlightening, journey will then lead you to figure out the main reason why Champagne is that famous worldwide: the magic floating on the vineyards and in the cellars of some of the most brilliant winemakers. To that extent, you will be proposed a fine list within which you will be able to make your choice for determining the next step of your travel: the best grower Champagne houses to visit. That will be an opportunity, of course, for valuable wine tasting sessions as you will be told tales and secrets of prestigious wine magicians. For you are to be deserving a tailor-made travel, and in order to have a glance at the marvelous variety of that sparkling region, that voyage of yours will, of course, offer you on demand champagne at anytime.

Luxury services for a perfectly organized voyage

Harvesting emotions along with bubbles and the unique taste of Champagne sparkling wines has to be done with great care. To ensure you can enjoy your tour as much as possible indeed, we will spare no energy to design every single steps of your voyage. From Paris to Champagne, the mere 160 km allow your travel to be finely organized for a maximum comfort. Once arrived in the region, we will book the most skillful private driver Reims can offer. Shall you be willing to unveil the deepest secrets of Champagne soil, we will be glad to help you owing to a fine selection of the most skillful and specialized Champagne guides.

For an experience must be exclusive in order to become meaningful, discovering Champagne region through a Moët & Chandon or Dom Pérignon tour designed after your needs, does make sense. Prepare for taking off: bespoke Champagne will have never been that close to you.

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