Alsace, The country of most prodigiously beautiful French villages

Discover A Peculiar Culture Within France: Alsace Hidden Treasures Tour

Following French wine degustation traditions, Alsace also benefits from German influences. Onboard for a self-discovery journey, this region is but a wonderful way to figure out what is left to be conquered of oneself’s personal tastes. That unique chance to become self-aware relates to a set of features Alsace secretly keeps the keys of.

Owing to a unique and deep knowledge of that beautiful area, Peplum is, however, among the few lucky ones to truly master the extraordinary path to oneself personal achievement.

Let yourself be charmed by Alsace, its atypical history and landscapes

Object of conflict between Germany and France, Alsace went through its history until World War 2 by constantly changing its status. Belonging alternatively to those two countries ended up into a belonging-to-itself culture, Alsace is now one of a kind. To that extent, that beautiful territory, finally part of France, is a fresh start for those who want to redefine oneself through an inspiring journey.

Owing to its amazing topography, Alsace offers hills and mountains that are astonishing spots for a nature dominated tour. With a plain lying between the Rhine in the east and the Vosges in the west, its metropolitan area makes the most of the secrecy that out-of-sight stunningly preserved places enjoy. Wander on the “Route des Vins d’Alsace” and reach the top of “Massif du Donon”, “Grand Ballon”, “Petit Ballon” and Hartmannswillerkopf.

Low temperatures being a common thing, Alsace annually holds wonderful Christmas markets spreading savory fragrances in the air for months.

Get inspired by some of the most beautiful French villages

After a well deserved rest, oneself might appreciate visiting the Stork’s nest of an old timbered house or the rose of the sunset on the façade of Strasbourg Cathedral. As your preference might be given to Riquewihr, Hunspach or Eguisheim, the diversity you may be exposed to is of the kind that helps a soul to find its own path within. Getting inspired by some of the most prodigiously beautiful French villages shall help indeed your true self to express its desires

Taste a unique, authentic and inimitable cuisine

Alsace cuisine, reflecting, as its architecture a fine product of a mixed population, is famous for unmatched specialties in terms of taste, such as Baeckeoffe, Flammekueche, Choucroute and Fleischnacka. Wines, rightly chosen to make the most out of meals, shall not be forgotten and might be of many sorts for matching each step of a proper diner that the French “art de vivre” reminds to observe. Therefore, Peplum shall lead flavour lovers on a journey to explore the best ways to enjoy authentic desserts like Bredela, Pain d’épices, Gugelhupf and Christstollen.

Should you fall in love with Alsace warm wine, Choucroute and bakeries for ending up seeing shades of that unique area everywhere, remember this is but a fortunate side effect this magical place is capable of.

Share a cultural and magical experience with your loved ones and yourself

Alsace holds indeed a seat in the hall of fame for its tales and storytelling wicked powers amaze anyone. Easter Bunny, for instance, belongs to Alsace traditional folks, along with witch inspired and other bedtime stories. Let the magic in the air inspire you on your way to “La Cité du train” museum in Mulhouse, the old towns of Strasbourg, Colmar, Sélestal, Guebwiller or Saverne. Hear of the untold stories hiding behind the Maginot Line. Unveil the well kept secrets under Mont Sainte Odile and the peculiar history conveyed by surrounding areas.

No matter where oneself goes, cultural insights left by Sebastian Brant and Gottfried Von Strassburg tell tales. Théodore Deck, Gustave Doré and William Wyler won’t leave your eyes untouched, for their legacy, giving justice to that great place Alsace is, cannot help coloring art lovers’ souls.

Shall we hit the road?

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