Wine, a vintage know-how
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Wine Culture Tailored Itinerary Tour Around France

Rothschild, Lafitte, Petrus, Haut Brion… Those names rhyming with a sense of refinement are known in the world of wine arts as the distinctive marks of a long-lasting and revered culture.

Through a very unique tailored itinerary crafted after your very needs and a deep knowledge of those major names achievements, we invite you to get onboard for a memorable voyage as you will be experiencing each of them through your very own senses.

Exploring the arcanes of red, white, rosé and sparkling creations of the French “art de vivre”, you will also get to unveil the delicate notes and unmatchable flavors of several regions. Vins d’Alsace, Champagne wines, Ciders from Normandy and the mineral Rosé de Provence are namely a few of those wonders.

A Wide Range Of Activities For Experiencing The Soul Of French Joy

Starting for example with a full day tour in Bordeaux, you could choose to enlighten first your senses by visiting the wonderful olfactory ateliers where oenologists and wine craftsmen will open their caves for sharing their understanding of the art of wine tasting.

Let yourself be told the truth lying in centuries of practice and perfectionism for figuring how to perfectly match flavors and scents of Grands Crus.

Discover how to figure out the identity of each of the creations you will encounter by enjoying, in the peaceful world of wine caves, the silent and contemplating atmosphere that has been watching over timeless nectar bottles for centuries.

Those exclusive experiences will lead you from Bordeaux to Bourgogne, passing through Alsace and Provence for helping you grasping an actual understanding of the wine culture through your very eyes, nose and tongue.

Learn How To Orchestrate Wines And Food In A Meaningful Ballet

Learn the rules for crafting your very own ballets of sensations, owing to a set of memorable wine tasting sessions that a collection of experts will diligently convey you to share.

As you will be flying from a glass of refined beverage to another, you will thus understand why local delicatessen of each French region are so praised elsewhere when it comes to appreciate the regional wines. Let your hosts introduce you to Grands Accords for ensuring you can be a part of higher society events owing to your newly acquired understanding of the proper French etiquette.

Finally, allow yourself to roam caves on your own, to fill yourself with the details of places out of time that will know how to inspire you as you will be returning home to a daily life that will never be the same, for your epicurean perception of the existence will offer you new perspectives.

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