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By Land And By Sea: Challenge Your Love For Nature

Nature is a fantastic playground that is worth going for. To that extent, France might just be the most furnished land for your fun activities to be performed.

Testing your physical abilities in such an environment cannot be anything but enjoyable. Besides, from Corsica to Porquerolles, from Bordeaux to Provence, there are no activities proven impossible to conduct in France. Scuba Diving, hiking, climbing, cycling: the old continent most western country has them all. What makes the best wines motherland so special may be the reason oneself cannot leave France the same: the breathtaking beauty of marvellous nature’s wonders.

French breathtaking sceneries: reasons to become a water sports enthusiast

Would you be into experiencing exciting water sports? Lakes offer an unmatched authenticity that canoeing helps to dearly grasp. With beaches such as “Notre Dame”, “La Courtade” and “Plage d’Argent”, Porquerolles offers lovely sceneries for entering its amazing lagoon, where colourful sea life brightens days and nights. Along with Corsica, its diving spots are doors to heaven. In the meantime, kayaking, rafting and even hydro speed remain enjoyable water sports France still has room for. Biarritz famous surf spot “La Côte des basques”, to that extent, might just be an unmissable stopover.

Topography and hidden jewels behind hills: a land sports joy

As for land sports, the eternal rocks and hills will provide you the proper sceneries to keep your mind at ease while pushing your body to its limits. Running along with great landscapes, loosing your tracks will certainly not be on the list, for our guide will ensure you can make the most of your experience. The most demanding performers might, besides, fall in love with the Alps, for the delicate ecosystem living on its snowy, rocky tower top is a unique yet hard to earn prodigiously touching present. Discover “Mont Blanc”, explore “Grandes Jorasses” and unveil mysteries hiding behind great hiking champions adventures. Facing oneself difficulties and earning the ability to overcome fear and fatigue will have never felt that intimate. Bike lovers won’t be left behind, though, for Bordeaux vineyards provide memorable paths owing to tours around that very soil, giving birth to some of the most refined tastes worldwide.

Luxury activities to enjoy: from yachting to contemplating

Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Provence is wide and rich, generously offering amazing sensations through both water and land sports. The diversity that can be encountered from hiking “Mont Ventoux” to diving nearby “Calanques de Sugiton” is an awesome feature very few countries can provide at such a wonderful scale. Taking a long walk along the “Garrigue”, after an excavating day to explore oneself appeal for the most lovely nature’s offerings, just sounds perfect, doesn’t it? And that’s because it is.

How about chartering a yacht in the colour gradient of the French Riviera? Luxury yachting is a fantastic way to enjoy beauties the sea has to offer and an opportunity to observe the land life from a unique point of view. Exploring the underwater wonders before enjoying a relaxing moment floating on the blue with a Champagne flute will be among the memories you will treasure. Experiencing a luxury life on board with a crew which nothing less that finely selected for its ability to be both experienced and good-looking, is the right way to enjoy yourself. Wear your best shoes, your most comfortable hiking pants, your least risky climbing equipment and that most amazing hunger for that astonishment of yours, for France is waiting to be explored, performed, challenged and conquered.

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