Paris, experience an authentic
romantic life

 Paris, the unforgettable place to be

Romantic and legendary Paris is the place where all lovers of architecture, art, savoir-vivre, opera house, culture, fashion, museums, theatre, and comedy want to stroll around, spend time and get a unique and incredible experience.

Live an exceptional gastronomy experience

To those who would like to taste nice incredible dishes, to those gourmets who would like to give their palate an experience, you will remember your whole life, with the most delicious original Laduree macarons, French delicacies, but also French wines.

France is internationally reputed for the quality and wide variety of wines, notably AOC ones, so it will be time for you to take advantage to get your own opinion on this as well in the capital city either in French numerous restaurants or cellars, if you are amateur…

Obviously France is also reputed for its gastronomy. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage, French gastronomy is one of the pillars of its culture. Have a seat in one of those Parisian restaurants with such a specific decoration and atmosphere, in a Michelin star restaurant Paris is full of, or even in Le Jules Verne, the famous Eiffel Tower restaurant with its incredible view.

Should you want to visit this amazing city, our Peplum expert guides will make it unique as they not only know the best of the city, but they will make you go to places that we keep secret for our clients.

The city of lights: an outdoor museum

If you are passionate with art, you will love to find a wide variety of museums to welcome classical paintings, such as Italian paintings, but also, sculptures, abstract painting… outstanding exhibitions. With more than 180 museums, Paris offers all sorts of art you would imagine and where you can find everything you may imagine and more. You could go further in Giverny, with a special painting tour.

But we could say that the city itself is an outdoor museum, with all palaces, bridges, monuments. Take a look around you, and you will see an amazing architecture, beautiful buildings with superb facades… Le Louvre, Le Marais, Place de l’Etoile are iconic, but if you are going deep or even take a helicopter tour,-out from the city-, Paris will appear another city to you. La Seine is another possibility for you to visit the city, with cruising on superb yatchs, on traditional boats.

Also, “La place des Vosges” is another place that is worth going, and walking through all Paris district from West to East or North to South will also give you a real incredible sight of this wonderful city made of beauties, contrasts and so cosmopolitan as well.

On top, the city is famous all over the world for all these places: small and cosy concert rooms, or larger ones with small theatre welcoming local comedy shows, opera house or national theatre whatever sort of music you would prefer listening to… jazz, French variety, reggae… Paris just offers you what you dream of. Paris welcomes all international artists with world music, bands.

Shopping in Paris: the place to be

To those who want to go window-shopping or even get awesome designers’ outfits, Paris is the Place to be as well… You can find special souvenirs or exclusive pieces. From luxury shops of West of Paris to flea markets, you will be able to get all kinds of shopping experiences you wish with notably famous haute couture, fashion and luxury brands, or very weird or original items, or both.

Of course, you may be tempted to stay a long time, or longer time than forecast, even to stroll around parks the city is made of, with Vincennes as the most legendary one, at the Est of the city… So you could opt for the possibility to rent an apartment in the luxury range of flats the city offers you, as it is also a real advantage the city has to give you.

Discover the splendours of Versailles

Moreover, Paris is just a few steps from Versailles that is also worth visiting from many perspectives. Not only its famous castle “Château de Versailles” and magnificent garden will enchant you, but also its numerous cultural events and expositions… Versailles itself will just make you get a different experience, probably feeling you are in other times, far from Paris’ crowd, and buzzle.

To make it short, Paris (and surroundings) is just a gem, awaiting for you for a sensational, magic time, as you can really design your own trip as you feel it, as you are.

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