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Founded in the 2007 Paris, Peplum is the reflect of a strong desire to shape a new generation of luxury travels and Bespoke itineraries (in France and worldwide), crafted after Mr. Quentin Desurmont's will.

Graduated from SKEMA Business School, that ambitious entrepreneur first got an MBA at INSEAD for then being in charge of Disneyland Paris marketing effort as its Director for France.

Successfully gathering achievements in its successive missions, Quentin figured out, as he was turning 40, how to use the wide experience he built over years of activity as a Marketing Director and Company Director in the Fashion industry, both in Barcelona and London. Choosing to give birth to a structure he can be proud of, he created a high standard travel agency that is aiming at crafting unique voyages, helping people to make meaningful memories.

France: the refinement of a deep culture, the elegance of luxury experiences and the subtleties of its Fashion world are the prime ingredients Quentin has got the chance to learn about for decades. The French heritage and art legacy along with an epicurean lifestyle like no other are the very magic features, transmitted by his family and personal network, he came to realize are worth sharing with the wealthy foreign families that are willing to discover and adopt the French "art de vivre". Therefore, the seed was planted: Quentin started to dream of creating an outstanding set of travels in France.

It had to take, though, a long time exploring a great deal of hidden places in France for Quentin to develop and consolidate that vision in order to come with an actual plan. That way of thinking, that pushed him to constantly update his knowledge and understanding of French culture and territory, can be found in his saying:

We like to share exceptional and exclusive moments of our unique culture with refined travelling families.

We like to think that a travel itinerary should be built like a story: love, romance, history, adventure, discovery, mystery and fiction should always be at the heart of a travel adventure.

Besides, Quentin Desurmont is no stranger on the international scene of the luxury travel industry. After he created Traveller Made in 2013, the first non-American and widest travel network community around the world in his niche, the visionary entrepreneur has never ceased to share his vision in international travel media through self-financed studies and researches.

Aware that an international team is one of the corner stones of a successful agency, for the best collaborators can be from anywhere, Peplum is used to build a multi-cultural crew with a few things in common: the love for travels, explorations, discoveries of new “unheard of” experiences, off the beaten tracks, and the most devouring passion for meaningful and untold stories, hiding among the details of History.

Therefore, our team constantly looks for new activities, new gems and treasures to be unveiled all around France along with the very reasons that make the travellers heart beat.

Quentin Desurmont
Peplum CEO

Quentin Desurmont peplum ceo

Our goals

When pioneer spirit meets enchanting France

For ensuring perfect customized itineraries, we, at Peplum, provide an experience matching our customers requirements all over France and Europe, from a simple limousine transfer to a set of creative and finely sophisticated programs. French, English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese are the options our clientele can ask their guides, chauffeurs, bodyguards and personal shoppers to speak.

That sense of choosing only the perfectly matching options with the highest quality can also be found in each of our limousines, yachts, private jets and helicopters, for those are provided by the best European companies.

Specializing in Luxury and Bespoke itineraries in France for individuals and family clients as well as for corporate as non-corporate private events and celebrations, the Peplum Incoming Department is always glad to help customers to create the best experience that can be.

That is also why we have chosen to create several sets of exclusive activities around the culture of French Luxury. From basic travel services (chauffeured cars, guides, transfers) to the most complicated inquiries (including private jets, exclusive chalets or villas search), we ensure your program is entirely adapted to your tastes and requirements, acting as a privileged contact on the ground. During your stay, we guarantee a 24h assistance.

‘We like to think out of the box’

We Design luxury and bespoke itineraries & vacations just for you !

Unmatched services 24/7 assistance guarantee

We provide Limousines, Yachts, Private Jets and Helicopters…

Highest discretion guaranteed

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