Conciergerie, a Luxury Concierge Like No Other For Suiting Your Very Demand

Enjoy the finest options our luxury concierge has to offer

Crafting the perfect smooth voyage in France you have been dreaming of takes a great deal of expertise. The attention to details we are known for will be put at your disposal for your greatest satisfaction.

Beyond the mere standards that booking processes are, whether it is about your flights, hotels, guides or activities, we provide a luxury concierge service, the last element to be added up to your trip for turning it into a memorable experience.

From VIP Airport indulgences to portage services, we ensure every steps of the perfect flow your travel to France has to be. Therefore, helicopter bookings, car and driver reservations will be taken care of by our experienced crews to guarantee your stay in France to be unforgettable.

A Wonderful Selection Of Amazing Cars And Expert Drivers

Owing to a team populated only by the finest chauffeurs we recruited, you will encounter no issues for their multilingual skills and their experience are the best match to our VIP clients. Trustworthy drivers, they will ensure your route to be the most comfortable experience that can be as you will arrive on time, following that perfectly designed schedule of yours.

Compose your voyage on French roads with a list of your preferences that will be our road map to create the most appropriate combination for you, picking up a vehicle among our large selection from modern to rare vintage brands.

A Perfect Voyage Through Your Own Privatised Plane

We know for sure that your time is to be counted among your most precious assets. That is the reason why we shaped a troop of partners that are known for being some of the finest in the aviation world.

Choose your dream model in the large collection of planes we will propose you, whatever your favourite aircraft is in terms of shape and size.
Take off then for a lovely flight, enjoying the sky by yourself as you will be getting some rest or working as you wish.

Avoided Inconvenience Owing To Well Deserved Fast Track

An uncommon voyage is crafted for uncommon people. For that very same reason, we cannot afford to let you wait in a queue that would consume your time unnecessarily.

Therefore, we will ensure you can enjoy simplified check-in and check-out processes, assisted by our professional team awaiting for you at every airports your might need to pass by. Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly, International Airport Cote d’Azur in Nice and even Geneva Airport in Switzerland will be covered for your to avoid any inconvenience. Turning the Immigration and Customs waiting queue into a fast and simply handled formality, we will guide you through the whole process with the greatest care in the swiftest way. For our way to deal with every procedures is synonym of efficiency and discretion, we will ensure you can enjoy our limousine services, if you were to requires anonymity.

Would you need to have a private moment before checking-in, we will arrange a private suite for you to enjoy a drink by yourself in Charles De Gaulle or Orly airports.

Breathtaking Moments While Moving Like No Other With Your Helicopter

Tailored services are our specialty and so are warm welcomes following the most appropriate etiquette. Experience a smooth transfer or a stopover with a gourmet diner in a Chateau outside of Paris that you can reach in a matter of minutes, owing to our fine collection of helicopters.

Discover the most beautiful monuments on your way, with breathtaking sights of the French capital that can only be enjoyed from the sky.
That recreational short travel of yours can be customized upon demand: name it so we can make it.

Restaurant Booking For The Finest Gourmet Experiences

With 120 Michelin star restaurants in Paris you have the choice …Some of Paris’ most famous restaurants are fully booked months in advance.

Nurtured by the most insightful contacts in the French gastronomy world, we will get you a table reservation in shortest delays. Besides, thanks to a unique and deep knowledge about France and Gastronomy, we can propose you a large selection of the best restaurants France has to offer. Finding the most appropriate one for your gourmet moment to remain memorable is our only wish.

Paris can be named as the city of the most high end gourmet experience. From traditional cuisine to innovative concepts, every taste can be covered.

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