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Paris is the world’s reference when it comes to fashion. It’s the birth place of the most luxurious brands.Chanel, Dior, Hermès, Louis Vuitton…the list is long and ever-expanding. French designers have created the most renowned brands in the world. Stylistically innovative and technically exceptional, the famous reputation of the French clothing industry can be traced as far back as the 17th century, and it is a reputation that has only continued to strengthen since. But Paris is not only a reference for the most glorious and biggest haute-couture stars in the fashion world. It offers more. New, famous, modern and talented fashion designers who are the creative spirit of Paris. We invite you to discover the background behind their brilliant creations. Accompanied by a fashion stylist who worked not only for the most internationally renowned fashion magazines such as Vogue Paris, Vanity Fair or Harper’s bazar but also in a fashion show on a French television channel (Canal +), you will visit the showrooms and learn the craftsmanship of the houses. Discover the different permanent and capsule collections between extravagant, contemporary and refined style.Follow your guide to different art workshops and discover the artist’s world and what they create with their very talented hands. Learn the meticulous work of embroideries, lacework or feather worker with the best artists that are usually far away from the spotlights despite the importance of their job. You will enjoy a very exclusive experience, visit locations that aren’t accessible to the public and preview the upcoming collections. The designer themselves will greet you and show you their world and the inspiration behind their collections. These experiences are made for a passionate clientele that wants to be surprised, inspired and guided. A demanding clientele that wants to discover the behind-the scenes of creation, the secrets of designing a collection until its presentation in an haute couture salon or showroom. The apotheosis of this visit will be the chance for you to participate to a private shopping session in the designer’s store. Our fashion itineraries are focused on discovery and experience, on meeting and exchanges, on trends and the excellence of savoir faire. Our selection are several designers and stylists that embody the avant-garde and renewal of Parisian and French fashion. Our stylists share with you their passion for fashion, their love for Paris and their favorite locations.

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