French Luxury Craftmen


Behind the scenes of French luxury craftmen

Accessories are an important and irreplaceable element when it comes to fashion. Haute couture designers work hand in hand with creative artisans to enrich their creations with luxurious accessories.
Haute couture, lingerie, leather goods, jewellery, fashion and fashion accessories (shoes, hats, glasses):
dedicated to a craft, a house or a brand, reveal the behind-the-scenes of creation and invite you to visit a workshop or creative studio, to meet an artcraftsman, a designer or an art director, to discover the new
collections, manipulate the materials and create your object during a fun and participatory workshop.
Themed, unique and personalized, all our experiences and itineraries are made to measure and invite you to discover the behind the scenes of creation, the secrets of a collection’s design, heritage houses, brands
and creators embodying the avant-garde and the renewal of life.

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