A cruise in the heart of the City of Lights

Aboard your luxury yacht to rent, discover the most beautiful historical places in Paris. Accompanied by a private and perfectly bilingual captain, the most beautiful old monuments along the Seine will be revealed to you. Sail on the most beautiful waterway in the world, to cross Paris in a new and exceptional way. Let yourself be guided along the water on your private yacht, to discover the Eiffel Tower, the Orsay Museum, the Louvre and Notre Dame de Paris.

On your private yacht, it’s time to uncork a good bottle of Champagne and appreciate the sweet atmosphere of a sunset. An exceptional moment of an offer to you to discover the City of Light, a glass of Champagne in hand, and celebrate this magical and unforgettable moment. Enjoy the beauty of the lights reflected in the calm water of the Seine. Such a unique universe that will make you like the intimacy of Parisian nights with the musical evenings on the banks of the Seine as a backdrop.

With Peplum, it’s an immersion in the multiple facets of Paris. Aboard a luxurious yacht to rent, you will be able to appreciate all the splendour of Paris, which has earned it the nickname of the City of Lights.

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