A culinary invitation to Burgundy

With the Route des Grands crus, Burgundy plunges you into the heart of its famous wine cellars. But what would this fabulous region be without its gastronomy? Burgundy is a paradise for epicurean. Traditional Burgundian dishes are a must in French cuisine.

With its Coq au vin, its tasty boeuf bourguignon or snails à la Bourguignonne, its regional dishes are culinary must-haves and reflect the taste of the Burgundians for good food. In the image of the rustic and country life of Burgundy, its dishes are consistent and high in flavour. Today’s great Chefs have been able to bring a more modern touch to offer lighter meals that are adapted to the spirit of the times. Burgundy abounds in gastronomic tables with its Michelin-starred restaurants, three of which have the coveted three stars. Endowed with fertile land, Burgundy has been able to preserve its nature and natural wealth.

You will discover a noble territory with its vineyards, its Charolais cattle that graze peacefully in the region’s lush pastures. Enjoy this universe of the countryside of yesteryear with the free-range chickens of Bourg-en-Bresse that peck at corn, but also its fauna and flora with snails, quails, wild boars or deers.

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