A shopping immersion in the heart of the French Riviera

Famous for its refined and luxurious boutiques, the French Riviera offers you an ideal setting for shopping. Sail along with the exceptional boutiques on the Croisette in Cannes or Monte Carlo. Dress up with the latest trendy pieces of French fashion. Take advantage of this unique moment to dress in the elegance of French women for a complete immersion in the heart of the French Riviera.

During your shopping escapades, discover the small authentic shops in the hinterland of Nice. You will find pieces of local craftsmanship with Provencal colours. Discover typical shops of the French Riviera with bohemian chic with refined or more traditional objects such as the famous Provencal tablecloth and its patterns inspired by the olive tree, or the small clay figurines known as santons of Provence.

The city of Grasse will be the destination of preference to find a unique and exceptional perfume whose secret is kept by its artisanal perfumeries. Find the scents of Provencal gardens, tinged with jasmine, citrus and orange blossom. You can hardly fail to find the fragrance that suits you, and that stands out from the classic offer.

Peplum selects for you the unmissable, and private shopping places of the French Riviera according to your desires.

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