A unique experience between wine and museum

Wine and art anchored in the French cultural heritage, have a common culture that makes them unique.

Why not start your discovery of wine with a visit to one of the most beautiful museum in Paris, the Louvre Museum.

Accompanied by a private guide, let yourself be amazed by an exceptional experience. You will be able to discover the wines through the museum’s masterpieces. The guide will unveil the secrets of the paintings and the details invisible to the common man. Little known by art lovers, learn the role of wine and champagne in the history of the pictures unveiled to you. You will then be able to end your visit with a private workshop to taste the most beautiful French wines and champagnes.

Uncork a bottle of wine selected by a private connoisseur to enjoy all the aromas delicately deposited in your glass of wine. Start by smelling the coppery notes of the red wine, or appreciate the delicacy of the champagne bubbles that bring all the lightness to your glass. Your guide will reveal to you the subtlety of the wines so that you will perfectly know how to taste them.

To live a unique and private experience by discovering wine through the most beautiful masterpieces, Peplum organizes your stay to meet your desires.

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