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Make the most of your stay in the Basque Country; there is nothing better than a unique itinerary perfectly adapted to your desires.

Spend a whole day discovering the Basque Country and its specificities. You can cross the French-Spanish border to explore the French and Spanish Basque country better. Discover Bayonne and its Sainte-Marie Cathedral with its shimmering stained glass windows and Gothic style.Visit authentic cities of Basque culture and enjoy its culinary specialities and typical architecture. Heading to Biarritz for the next stopover, this town will reveal its glorious past as a luxurious holiday resort. Drive along the ocean and its picturesque landscape to the charming town of Saint Jean de Luz and the city of San Sebastian.

For a gastronomic discovery, your itinerary will start in Bayonne, and will then take you to the village of Espelette. You won’t be able to leave Bayonne without savouring its famous ham. To conclude the visit, why not prolong the pleasure of the flavours with a cooking workshop or opt for a tasting in a local gastronomic restaurant.

For a day, take the smuggler’s route and the gastronomic circuit. Departing from Biarritz, get ready to explore the fabulous mountain scenery. Enjoy your getaway and sample the local cheeses while sipping a glass of wine, Irouléguy, from the local producer.On the way to the coast, visit the little chapel of Saint Madeleine, which offers a breathtaking view of Spain.

Peplum creates for you a unique and made-to-measure tour in the heart of the Basque country.

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