Discover the historical heritage of Reims

Through a historical itinerary and in the company of your private guide, explore the mythical city of Reims. Start by visiting the famous and unmissable cathedral, classified as a world heritage site. A jewel of history that rises before your eyes, Notre-Dame de Reims is a magnificent building with Gothic architecture. You will discover one of the most important Gothic architectural masterpieces in Europe. The cathedral of Reims is a symbolic place, the witness of the baptism of Clovis, the first Catholic sovereign of France, in the year 498. This moment was a crucial moment that symmetrised the beginning of the Kingdom of the Franks. Since then, Reims has remained the coronation city of 29 kings of France.

Continue your exploration of Reims, a historic city, through the remains of the Roman Empire. A crucial period when Reims, named at the time Durocortum, was a renowned market and the capital of the province of Gallia Belgica.

Along this cultural itinerary, visit the mythical place where the armistice of the Second World War was signed in Reims on 7 May 1945, then ratified in Berlin on 8 May at Stalin’s request. The date of 8 May will be retained in Europe. The news was indeed announced in all the Western capitals on that day.

With Peplum, you will find an impressive city steeped in history, immersing the Roman Empire in contemporary history.

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