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"Just a walk"… And yet, a walk can change your life. For enjoying a well deserved rest, your body and soul need to be offered a world apart. That is exactly what Brittany is. 

Explore the magnificent settings, seemingly lost in forests as you will be hiking through untouched landscapes to reach the breathtaking Emerald Coast. That journey of yours will begin in Saint Malo, where tales gathered over time for keeping track of memorable human stories are honored by the tribute craftsmen pay through the art pieces of the old Cathedral. That gorgeous monument is not the only evidence of Brittany greatness, as your heart, ravished by the unspeakable charm of Mont Saint Michel, will understand indeed.

Along With Majestic Achievements, Unveil Brittany Beating Heart

But Brittany has many faces. It takes a certain will to explore picturesque places such as that small fishing village, famous for its delicious oysters, to get to the heart of that unique region. Have an enlightening walk along the Emerald Coast, heading to Cancale, for discovering the gorgeous sights that western part of France is eager to offer.

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