The Chateau de Chenonceau in Loire Valley: a touchstone of the French renaissance

Follow in the footsteps of an aristocrat

Some places have a great purpose to serve in civilizations history. Loire Valley belongs to those sources of magic. Getting the preference of French Kings for centuries, that land is known for its rich cultural legacy where artistic achievements never fail to inspire craftsmen.

The Chateau de Chenonceau has long been the cradle of Renaissance architecture and culture. During your visit of this legendary landmark, you will learn more about the daily life of chateau owners in the Loire Valley.

Unveil the main ingredients of the elixir that Chenonceau chateau gets its magic from. Famous among all for a contagious majesty helping the Valley to shine worldwide, that castle is the setting of legends that still leads creative minds to enlighten the path of grandeur, taken long ago by humankind giants such as Balzac or Leonardo Da Vinci.

The Garden Of France And Its Rewards

Along with colorful flowers, carefully nurtured over time for filling the air with delicate scents, you cannot afford to miss the atmosphere that French fairy tales have been feeding on. Birthplace of French Renaissance, Loire Valley offers indeed a series of picturesque sceneries. During a sumptuous gastronomic meal, discover the art of French table etiquette in a special way. Guided by a countess in an outstanding private property, learn about French table manners and the fine art of French living.

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