French Craftsmanship: A Set Of Pearls No Journey Can Skip

Turning oneself into a bright personality to constantly lead others takes a lot of inspiring events to be possible. Getting the sparks of well-being cannot be done only through education and health: fine art does have to play its role for guiding us on the path of self-recognition. French aristocracy understood and had no shame while developing a proper etiquette, corner stone of a joyful “art de vivre”.

That mindset punctuated French history with great achievements such as Haute Couture artifacts, remembered as elements of primary importance. So are the other creative gears of a nicely designed lifestyle: lingerie, jewellery, fashion accessories and leather goods are just brilliant examples. But the roots of French fascination for masterpieces are to be found behind the scenes, where magicians cast their spells.

Be A Part Of What Makes Sense: Climb The Handicraft Skills Fence

So how about unveiling the secrets of those art wonders by meeting their wizards? Explore a well animated workshop led by an inspired art director, manipulate materials, give birth to your own creation and understand how heritage houses, brands and avant-garde ambassadors help human innovations to move on everyday.

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