From Snowy Mountains To Mediterranean Sea: A Journey To Conquer French Wine Traditions

French artists are known for their sensible ability to craft masterpieces but where did impressionists like Monet find their vivid colors? The answer might lie in some magic sceneries France keeps the secret of. Help yourself redefining the word “beauty” owing to lovely tour that will feed your senses with gorgeous natural and cultural miracles. Unveil the Vin de Savoie mystery in southern Chambéry “Maison Philippe Grisard”, feeling every drop you will sip in the UNESCO heritage vineyard of Canton de Vaud, after visiting the lovely Swiss bank of Leman Lake in Geneva. Enter then Château de Ripaille for a unique wine tasting session.

A Unique Gastronomy And Wine Tour For The Most Epicurean Wanderers

If wine is but a benevolent way to enlighten your life experience, it does not come alone. You cannot ignore indeed fantastic culinary destinations such as Evian and Thonon-les-Bains provide to taste amazing traditional meals. Raclette and fish based cuisine will be ideal companions for the magic beverages you will enjoy with a shameless pleasure. Finally, discover the fruity notes of French Riviera Rosé wine and the powerful liquor Chartreuse from Grenoble.

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