Your road trip in Alsace: an exclusive itinerary

Embark on a dream tour through Alsace

Do you want to explore Alsace’s gorgeous towns, lush countryside and hidden treasures? Then, a road trip will fit you perfectly. Let us design your customized itinerary through the riches of Alsace.

Travel through a rural and richly diverse landscape. Walk along the Rhine along the Alsatian plain with a private guide.

You will be captivated by a green view from which peace and serenity emanate. The plain is ideal for an excursion by bike or on foot. You will enjoy a lunch break on the banks of the Rhine, one of the largest rivers in Europe. Take advantage of this moment to taste Alsatian specialities like the famous Bretzel. Highlight this moment with a delicious glass of Alsatian white wine with fruity and floral notes.

On the hillside, discover the vineyard fields that make up the region’s rich wine-growing heritage. Feel the delicate scent of the wild rose. Take the time to contemplate a breathtaking view of the Rhine while you drink a refreshing drink.

Enter the typical Alsatian villages with their facades adorned with original wood panelling. Appreciate the beauty of these half-timbered houses along a river which is spanned by a charming stone and flowered bridge. You will be enchanted by these landscapes accessible by electric bike, mountain bike or horseback.

Thanks to Peplum you will discover the unmissable routes of Alsace with the help of a private guide and connoisseur of the region.

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