Our selection of villas in the Loire Valley

Unpack your bags in one of the Loire Valley’s most exquisite villas

Deluxe accommodation is indispensable to any trip abroad. That is why Peplum provides you with the most prestigious villas in the Loire Valley.

If Loire Valley itself is a magic, there are some places that are even more than that. That is for instance the case of some luxury villa and chateau located on the banks of the Loire river. Whether your loved ones and yourself need an escape for few days or a tailored voyage to dive deep into French culture and history, a collection of castles is waiting for you to be chosen for your next meaningful holiday. Between cozy half-timbered houses and a lovely remote chalet, the possibilities are plenty on sober options too.

The Finest Selection Of Private Places For A Tailored Itinerary That Looks Just Like You

Fishing, biking, hiking and walking, canoeing, golfing… a tailored itinerary requires no less than an a la carte high standard solution, crafted after your very needs. That is why we carefully compose the finest selection of private places everywhere in Loire Valley to satisfy your will to explore. Set yourself free from the daily life issues you constantly have to deal with at work with an unmissable experience to be enjoyed within the walls of the most beautiful and inspiring sceneries.

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Because there are as many trips as there are travelers, we have created a wall of inspiration to meet your most varied desires in France. It evolves with the seasons and our discoveries. You will certainly find your happiness there!

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