Tailored Itineraries: From Craftsmanship To Escapes In Nature

A heritage tour is an audacious initiative, especially when the destination is the French jewel of the Atlantic ocean. Ile de Ré is indeed that pearl, off the coast, that seems to have everything it takes for a memorable and meaningful holiday trip. But where to find the time to go through every architectural achievement and delightful natural landscapes that island successfully preserved from the course of events? The key to a fantastic voyage is to be found into a finely crafted experience, carefully composed with the right skills to become a tailored itinerary, answering your very needs.

A Tailored Itinerary For Enjoying The Most Appealing Features That Can Be

Starting from the bell tower of St Martin de Ré, you will be proposed to nurture your mind with an inspiring panoramic sight of the island’s capital. Moving on to a charismatic, yet picturesque, lighthouse, that week of yours away from your stressful daily life will be guided by a local expert who will help you unveiling the secrets of a magnificent XVth century abbey. Feeding your senses along with your soul, you will grasp the identity of a land known for its savory oysters, uniquely grown owing to its very own salt marshes.

Whether you choose to enjoy a refreshing paddle session on a calm open sea, to learn traditional craftsmanship techniques of local goat cheese, or to dig deeper into the European largest museum of La Rochelle, you will land untouched from that travel.

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