Immersion behind the scenes of Haute-Couture

Who wouldn’t dream of meeting the most fabulous fashion designers and discovering their manufacturing secrets?

Plunge behind the scenes of the very closed circle of Parisian Haute-couture. You will be accompanied by a stylist who has worked for the fashion magazines Vogue Paris, Vanity Fair or Harper’s Bazaar and also on a French TV channel. The stylist will open the doors of the most magnificent Maisons, confidential addresses that are not accessible to the public.

Enjoy the privilege of discovering the upcoming collections in the company of the designers or creative directors who will welcome you. Vibrate to the rhythm of the creative effervescence of the fashion world.

Let yourself be surprised by the extravagance of unique pieces. Find inspiration from international designers who draw their vision of fashion from the streets of Paris. You can attend a special presentation of the latest fashion pieces in an Haute-couture showroom.

Paris remains the undisputed fashion capital with its luxury Maisons and the famous fashion week that takes place every six months.

With Peplum, you can dive into the heart of the City of Lights and live a unique experience in the company of the most excellent fashion designers. An exceptional and unmissable moment for all fashion lovers.

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