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Lavender fields in Gordes never fail to tell its visitors inspiring stories for ages. What do they whisper? Close your eyes as your mind is starting to wander around on a lovely land of magic where anise flavors know how to meddle with tapenade richly embodied scents and unforgettable lavender scents. Provence is that region crafting the peaceful lifestyle required to create a life balance French people are so proud of.

Refreshing And Inspiring: Provence Peaceful Lifestyle

French art de vivre has a wide diversity of ways to be experienced. One of those is to be found in the very own lifestyle Provence offers to its lucky local people. Our guide will indeed show you how and where French people from Provence meet each other, what their activities are, where they eat and shop for enjoying their daily life.

Let yourself be guided by comprehensive specialists of a region where residents are the characters of a lovely tale. Petanque, pastis and olive treats will be the cornerstones of a cocktail of sensations you will get to appreciate from a charming terrace in Marseilles or a vivid street in Avignon.

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