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Welcome to the French Alps

When it comes to skiing the French Alps are world-class; boasting seven of the 10 largest interconnected ski areas in the world. Huge mountains, luxury chalets and thousands of kilometers of pistes – many with artificial snow – make the French Alps a top choice for your next ski trip.

The Northern French Alps offer big mountain terrain and some of France’s most famous ski resorts. Think Chamonix, Tignes, Val d’Isère and Meribel, Courchevel and Val thorens in the legendary Les 3 Vallèes.

That snowy enchanted forest landscape is one of the many aspects that the Alps can offer, spreading beyond frontiers for giving rooms to its wonders to express in many ways in different countries. That is in France, though, that its beauty remains famous for the great diversity it allows. That variousness can be found in the sports available to nature enthusiasts: biking, hiking, paragliding are only a few possibilities to be chosen in a wide series of entertaining, thrilling activities and wide range of possibilities from luxury shopping to gourmet tours, clubbing and enjoying live events such as concerts and festivals. That diversity is also the rule for certain other features, corner stones of a fantastic adventure.

Whatever destination you choose, you cannot miss the white silence of the French Alps. Land on a remote place, apart from major cities crowd as you will cozily enjoy a warm beverage in your private chalet, gorgeous 5 star hotel or Palace after a long day of skiing out.


More than just Ski
discover French mountains a new way this Winter

If you are searching for a different winter experience, these following four activities will be the perfect addition to your ski vacation in France. For the entire familly or for extreme sport lovers, dive into the faboulous world of the French Mountains and enjoy  your winter holidays a new way.


Discover winter in France with sled dogs.

If you love nature, the snow, contact with animals, and adventure, dogsledding is made for you. No need to go to Canada, Alaska or Scandinavia for this incomparable experience. Vast snowy landscapes, bordered by forests as far as the eye can see, makes France the perfect place for this special experience.
Like the great explorers who, at the start of the 20th century, set out to explore the poles, you too can travel the snow-covered expanses in sled dogs.
While browsing the snow-capped mountains, breathe the pure air of the nature world and let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of serenity.
Carefully follow the instructions of the musher, the driver of the team, who will guide you. Make yourself comfortable and embark for a magical moment in the heart of the snowy forest. 

A new way under water

Diving in an icy lake, sliding under the thickness of ice, forgetting time, being hypnotized by the air bubbles that brush against the surface, this is the promise of a somewhat unreal dive!
Beginners or experienced, let yourself be guided by a group of experienced instructors who will allow you discover this unforgettable atmosphere.
The activity is also practiced at night, in a natural and unspoiled setting. On the program: ice ceiling in boreal colors, crystal clear water, ice funnel, lake plants …
Whilst impressive, this activity is also safe. Equipped with a suit specially designed to fight against the cold (the water is around 2 ° C) and connected to the surface by a breadcrumb trail, the diver discovers a world of silence, all in transparency, under a thick layer of ice. Just Magical. 

Have you ever dreamed about flying?

giant zip line

In the mountains it is almost possible thanks to giant zip lines.
This winter, get to the skies with a zip line. Between heaven and earth, this activity provides thrills in complete safety. A way to enjoy mountain landscapes while filling up with strong emotions. For smaller and bigger, solo or duo; hanging on a rope, suspended in the air, you descend almost 2,000 m of slope 65 m above the skiers. Depending on your weight and position, you can easily reach 70 or 80 km / h. We wish you a pleasant flight!


Ready for take off ?

There are several activities to gain height in French ski resorts.
The French Alps is home to some of the best flying sites in Europe. The high mountain terrain and reliable weather create ideal flying conditions suitable for all pilots from beginner to pro. Explore the landscape while flying ; below a thick layer of snow covers everything. It’s a truly magical feeling.
Experience the thrill of a tandem paragliding flight and see the French Alps from above, or take part in a course and learn to pilot your own wing. This is a amazing way to experience the thrill of free-flight, and it’s hard to beat the French Alps for jaw-dropping mountain scenery.

Exploring Paris and Versailles differently

Our team is pleased to present the following exclusive private visit experiences


Paris Opéra Garnier
This experience helps guests understand why the Opéra Garnier is as fascinating as the colorful characters on its stage. The public spaces of the Opéra Garnier are breathtaking, but the building holds many secrets. With an expert storyteller from the Opéra, you make your way through rarely seen areas, including the deep underground reservoir that inspired the “The Phantom of the Opéra.” You’ll also visit the “cabestans” room, below the stage, with its elaborate 19th-century machinery that was used to manage special effects and sets. The Opéra played a key role in the culture of the city and helped draw so many fashion houses and jewelry emporiums to this part of Paris. You’ll visit the Foyer de la Dance, where wealthy patrons would ply favored performers with trinkets and finery.  You end the visit with a glass of champagne in the elegant Coco’s restaurant.

  • A PRIVILEGED WELCOME at the Palais Garnier by an expert storyteller from the Opera.
  • A PRESENTATION of Charles Garnier’s vision for this entertainment palace built for Napoleon III. 
  • A PRIVATE VISIT to the many backstage spaces for an unforgettable experience available to few.
  • LEARN how Charles Garnier re-interpreted the Palace of Versailles while inventing his very own style. 
  • SEE THE FAMOUS underground “lake” that inspired the author of the “Phantom of the Opera.”
  • MEET the Friends of the Opéra Garnier (AROP) while enjoying a drink at Coco’s restaurant.
  • A DISCUSSION about the role the Opera Garnier and Bastille hold in France’s cultural history and contemporary life.
  • THE GIFT of a pot of honey from the Opera Garnier beehives.


Vineyards Montmartre
The experience combines a private visit to this vineyard with behind-the-scenes spots that show why the rebellious quartier of Montmartre is the only place it could exist. You start with our expert storyteller at Sacré-Coeur — itself a controversial remnant of the French Civil War, built where once cannon emplacements stood — followed by a visit to the private Montmartre Museum, which preserves some of the original artist studios on the hill. Here you’ll learn more about how Montmartre went from being a center of working-class revolution to a neighborhood of cabarets and bars, frequented by artists, dancers, and intellectuals during the Belle Époque. Afterward, you’ll visit the vineyard, with its lovely view over northern Paris and its suburbs. Here, with an expert guide, you’ll learn how this green haven was preserved amidst the bustle of the city, the challenges of growing grapes here, and you’ll taste both red and rosé wines derived from the very vines you’ve touched.

  • A PRIVILEGED WELCOME at the foot of the Sacré-Coeur Basilica by our expert storyteller. 
  • A PRESENTATION of the Montmartre quartier and the influence of its people’s rebellious spirit.
  • A PRIVATE VISIT to the Clos Montmartre vineyard after a moment inside the Museum of Montmartre. 
  • LEARN about the Belle Époque, the Commune civil war, and how the vineyard came to be here.
  • TASTE the Clos Montmartre red and rosé wines while learning about this urban vineyard.
  • MEET with members of the winemaking group that oversees the vineyard. 
  • A DISCUSSION about urban vineyards and winemaking techniques.
  • A GIFT of a limited edition Clos Montmartre wine tasting glass.


At the pinnacle of French horsemanship, the Royal Stables of the Palace of Versailles welcome you to an unforgettable, private visit. Just in front of the palace, an expert guide will open the doors to the majestic compound, designed by the top architect of Louis XIV, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, and completed in 1682. Now the home of the Equestrian Academy of Versailles, founded by the celebrated maestro Bartabas in 2003, the Royal Stables have become the venue for a unique troupe of horses with riders who become dancers, fencers, singers, and practitioners of Kyudo, the Japanese art of archery. With your guide, you’ll visit the superb purebreds of the Academy, including the magnificent Lusitanians that so fascinated the Sun King. You’ll then have privileged seating for the show, “La Voie de l’écuyer,” or “The Way of the Cavalier,” showcasing world-class horsemanship and choreography. Afterward, you’ll enjoy a glass of champagne with one of the troupe members.

  • A PRIVILEGED WELCOME by an expert storyteller from the Equestrian Academy of Versailles.
  • A PRESENTATION of the different types of horses with the storyteller.
  • A PRIVATE VISIT to the Grand Stable of the King and the Academy founded by Bartabas.
  • LEARN how Bartabas transformed the Royal riding arena into a stage for his choreography.
  • SEE THE SHOW “The Way of the Cavalier” with reserved seats in the third and fourth rows.
  • MEET A RIDER from the troupe while enjoying a cocktail or flute of champagne in the foyer overlooking the palace.
  • A DISCUSSION of the techniques of dressage that you just saw during the show.
  • THE GIFT of a special English edition of the “Connaissance des Arts” magazine produced by the academy.

Exceptional places to stay in France

Did you ever wonder what it feels like sleeping in an igloo? 

Staying in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a silent atmosphere and the stars for sole companion… away from the craziness and buzzing of the big cities. Following the success of tree houses, domes or tipis, igloos are the latest must-do experience. From the French Alps to the Pyrenees, some villages offer a diversity of igloos in all shapes, sizes and styles – from the romantic retreat to spacious igloos, with sculpted and cosy interiors overlooking the mountains.

Igloos are made of snow using Eskimo techniques which makes them perfectly suitable for the Alpine climate and winter conditions. As the snow acts as a thermal insulation, you are completely protected from the cold temperatures outside. Your inside temperature stays close to 0 degrees.

A diversity of activities such as dog sled rides, fatbike, bob raft or Spa treatments are perfect to round off your stay. Bars and restaurants in various ambiances with amazing ice sculptures invite you to experience unique moments after an exciting day in the mountains.

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