A Canoe trip in the heart of the Gardon river

What if you combine your passion with the discovery of history? Provence offers you a fabulous way to learn its heritage while practising sports in the heart of preserved natural sites. Between Nîmes and Avignon, canoe down the Gardon river towards the Pont du Gard and its history. Visit the official museum before getting back into your kayak. You will learn about the stages of the construction of the famous aqueduct.

Onboard your canoe, you will no longer see the bridge in the same way. In the company of a private guide, you will be able to walk along the green banks to the sound of cicadas. Experience the unique sensations of the Gardon rapids to make this moment unique. Contemplate the clear water that flows and gives you an irresistible urge to dive in.

During a lunch break, moor your canoe along a sandy bank and enjoy a French picnic in the shade of the pine trees. Experience this moment of tranquillity in the heart of the Gorges du Gardon. You will discover a unique landscape where the rocky cliffs rush into the transparent water of the Gardon.

Peplum offers you a unique journey in a natural setting. Appreciate an atypical and sportive discovery of the historical and natural heritage of Provence.

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