Art And Museum Tour: A Journey In Provence Heart

France is built on a wide set of art artifacts that are truly inspiring for their legacy is so powerful that no war could make them disappear. That sense of beauty French people are famous for having started coloring the world long ago, blossoming here and there in France for being nowadays a part of a complex and fascinating heritage. From Gauguin to Matisse, Chagall to Raoul Dufy, along with Signac, Cézanne or Van Gogh, some avant-garde art initiatives born in France are unprecedented. To honor that legacy, thrilling museums and art centers populate the gorgeous landscapes of Provence. Unveil their secrets as your exploration of that unique region begins.

Provence Heritage: An Art And Museum Tour Revealing Treasures You Would Never Suspect

From unique events to permanent exhibitions, History fills the air all year long. Heritage of French artists and national heroes are to be unveiled with amazement through a wide collection of achievements including architectural prowess of a long-lasting town. Through an experience filled with French epicurean love for arts, figure out the main events that are behind the culture of that beautiful region for your next lovely holiday.

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