Legacy of An Aristocracy

The greatest men and women have been carving their history in stone over millenniums. That desire for immortality bequeathed us pieces of art lasting until today. The language those giants have left behind them is not always made of words: as the French aristocracy of Bordeaux already knew it 700 years ago, senses must be flattered for the life to be worth it. Because of that sense of excellence, traditions that some prestigious Châteaux have been rigorously observing are the very treasure Bordeaux lifestyle has to offer.

Grand Cru Classé : What It Means To Live “À La Bordelaise”

No less than 32 hectares of vineyards can be found around the city. That natural treasure has been shaping Bordeaux inhabitants cuisine for centuries. Wines such as Pessac-Léognan, are the lighthouse of a cuisine that eases the soul. You will not fail to realize, by immersing yourself into Bordeaux history, that this amazing local cuisine can suit any lovely lifestyle perfectly. Those flavors, scents and colors are the words the legacy of that French area chose to tell you its legends and tales and the luxury tastes of which Bordeaux wine have the secret will not tell you otherwise.

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