Wine tasting experience near Bordeaux 

Visiting France is often an excellent moment to give emotion to your taste buds by tasting some of the finest wines, especially if you come to Bordeaux. The region is the place of the most ancient wineries, and it still houses more than 117 000 hectares of land !

During this one-day experience or several days exclusive trip, you will learn how to properly taste a wine by visiting 3 Grand Cru estates, such as Margaux, Haut Medoc, Pauillac or even Saint Julien appellations.

From pouring the wine in a large glass to examine its texture, its robe and reflection under the light, to savouring some of the most iconic wines of southwestern France, this experience will make you dive into the best cellars of Bordeaux and its region.

A cellar is a peculiar place, offering a special moment made of silence, but also an olfactory experience and a way to travel in History. Take your time and walk in the cellar, then try to discover the many flavors that make fine wines, with the help of your guide. He will make you discover the many flavors a wine can host, from a strong cheese platter, to a delicate taste of truffle or even a young and fresh asparagus.

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