Brittany Adventures: The Survival Of A Culture Over 50 Centuries Of History

Prehistorical civilizations, antic fights for freedom, adventures lived by hundreds of thousands great warriors and craftsmen… Brittany legacy is one of a kind, even within the country of early human rights. Over centuries, standing in front of Roman armies as Europe was becoming theirs, Brittany was already crafting its own culture, ancient witness of a deep rooted set of fascinating beliefs. Finally adopting Christianity, Britons became some of the most loyal believers, integrating some old paganism practices and idols into a part of larger achievements: splendid monuments celebrating their beliefs. Carnacstone alignments, fine artworks blooming through craftsmanship of Quimper, Gauguin avant-garde early works in Pont-Aven… Culture is not to be ignored in Brittany.

Brittany: Jewels Of A 17th and 18th Centuries France

The innocent and devoted Catholic Faith of Brittany can also be contemplated in its gorgeous churches such as Guimiliau one. Going through wars of religion as elsewhere in France, that dutiful territory people never failed to be selfless for helping art to grow, showing the power of a religion they still deeply believe in, at a time where craftsmen and artist were becoming as important as knights.

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