Gourmet Cuisine Classes Through A Time Travel Experience

Agneau de pré-salé, Galettepastries, Salted butter caramel, lobsters… Michelin starred restaurants are a window overlooking the expertise that skillful craftsmen of French cuisine are famous for. How come those gourmet nation leaders can prevent us from forgetting every unique ballets of sensations they craft? Many aroma lovers dearest wish is to have the opportunity to learn from those flavors artists but if you could… would you? Enter a world of high standard connoisseurs for designing unique life experiences through sensations.

Luxury Settings For Luxury Cuisine

Learn in a restored 16th century royal residential mansion from some of the greatest chefs through a step by step class how to give birth to gourmet meals, jewels of modern European cuisine and French traditions. Shape memorable feast from fish, seafood, poultry and red meat. Learn how to prepare sauces that will properly suit the starters and main courses your magic will create. Rightly choose your ingredients owing to guided tours in fresh markets of a beautiful medieval town. Determine wine and cheese before serving your finest dessert. Get certificated and enjoy your graduation diner after mastering every cornerstones of a perfect meal from menu planing and cooking to table setting.

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