Kayaking along the Loire Valley: nature at its best

Experience a new sense of tranquility on the Loire Valley

Understanding the very heart of a region cannot be achieved through a sole experience, no matter how connoisseur your guides can be. If Loire Valley is renown for its unique gourmet specialties, its unmissable wines and its inspiring architectural wonders, you might just be somehow missing some key features that remain the roots of the everlasting accomplishments many wise and skillful craftsmen have been offering to the community so far. How about filling that gap by unveiling the true beauty lying into an uncommon voyage helping you to grasp rare sensations that Loire nature and culture cocktail gives birth to?

Are you a water sports enthusiast? If so, you will love kayaking along the river Loire. The Loire is not only France’s longest river: it is also one of its most gorgeous waterways.

Loire Valley Exploration: A kayak Journey You Cannot Miss

Get onboard for a refreshing and peaceful journey that will help you reconnect with yourself and nature as you will be sailing on a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the amazing Loire Valley itself. Stretching over 1,012 km, that jewel of French nature is known as the longer river in France. Take the chance to craft meaningful memories with your loved ones in a meaningful place, as you will be enjoying a lovely water sport that has a lot to offer.

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