Loire Valley Gastronomy: A Journey In Itself That Wine Lovers Cannot Afford To Miss

Once you have stepped in the fancy world of gourmet, tasteless treats of commoners might just be difficult to handle. That is the main reason why French aristocracy ensured over centuries to be the benevolent benefactors of culinary artists: to give room for visionary cook to craft the finest meals that could match unique wines enlightened places such as Loire Valley can produce.

Unveiling True Masterpieces Of Loire Gastronomy: Why Are Gourmets So Fond Of That Regional Creativity?

From Les Rillettes Fondantes De Tours to the famous Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine sheap cheese, there is no way you can go back home untouched by the grace some complex yet addictive healthy tastes Loire gourmet meals are full of. Guided by a specialist, experience the reality behind the legend of 3 stars Michelin restaurants of Loire owing to a tailored made gourmet tour. Learn how to match some of the loveliest wines France is proud of with the proper meals or fantastic treats such as honey and nuts brioche specialties of the Fouce. That voyage through time, leading you back and forth until the Middle Age will offer you meaningful memories.

Challenge yourself with a cooking class

Do you dream of mastering the secrets of French cuisine? In order to do so, take a few cooking classes in the Loire valley. Whether you are a novice cook or an experienced foodie, these cooking classes will help you master the basis of the Loire valley gastronomy.

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