Corsican Gastronomy: Unleash The Flavorsome Ingredients Of Its Identity

Food is not to be used for subsistence. It must remain a treat to the tongue, to the nose, to the eyes, even to the ears… to the soul. That French etiquette, roots of a mindset that led gastronomy research to fantastic achievements over centuries, is the main reason why the “art de vivre” never fails to be cherished all over the nation. Corsica, with its deep and complex identity, was also impacted by that epicurean vision of life, which explains why, in return, Corsican gourmet meals have found their way to the French mainland itself. Get onboard of a journey that will help you figure out what makes the Corsican cuisine so unique.

Corsica: Between An Incredible Wealth Of Products And A Rich Cuisine

Owing to a great deal of fresh ingredients, from seafood to meat, from cheese to vegetables, arranged with a lovely range of spices, Corsica cuisines is renowned. Led by our connoisseurs, begin your voyage with a foodie tour that will introduce you to wonders: “Civet de sanglier”, “Veau aux olives”, “Agneau corse” will get along well with “Fladone” for dessert and a glass of white Vermentino.

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