Yachting In Corsica: Explore Unique Places

Your next destination cannot afford to be disappointing, for your commitment all year long to fulfill your duties must be rewarded. With more than 200 beaches where fauna and flora intertwine in a lovely ballet that Mediterranean lands sole have the secret of, Corsica is a jewel that shine through its many sparks: Scandola, “Calanques de Piana” coves or Lavezzi islands. Get onboard for a cruise that will redefine yachting by giving you a brand new sense of what to expect from a relaxing voyage in exclusive marine reserves.

From Cities To Nature: Corsica Calls For An Adventure

Contemplate the sparkling city of Bonifacio from the sea as you will be approaching that vibrant oasis of luxury, sheltered in an untouched nature, where people daily enjoy an “art de vivre” that is the prime ingredient for crafting a high quality life. Get along with the secrets of Corsica as you will sail for discovering exclusive hideouts of an impressive biodiversity over 620 km of coastline. For ensuring your travel will be unique as you will be exploring Golfe de Porto, Calvi or Capo Roos, we will help you finding the right yacht with or without skipper.

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