Delightful estuary cruise

The wind is caressing your skin as you are sailing on a river of tranquility. A cocktail in one hand, you cannot help but pointing a finger at the far shore, inviting your friends to admire with you the magnificent spectacle Garonne never fails to provide. As you are setting course to the Gironde estuary, your next step is waiting for you on the Île Patiras. During that amazing cruise of yours, you cannot miss the landscapes Bordeaux has to offer, neither can your sight afford to ignore its historical relics. That port city, famous for its exquisite food and its wines full of sensual flavors such as Médoc, is treasured as a world heritage listed area.

Treat yourself with local cuisine on a desert island

Landing on that lovely island, privatized for offering you the most comprehensive experience that can be, you will head to the Patiras lighthouse. Getting to the top, you will be offered to nurture your memories as your eyes will be feasting on a marvelous panoramic view. For the rest of your senses to be satisfied too, a savory lunch will be served, soon enough joined by a wonderful glass of wine.

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