Sturgeon Caviar And Bordeaux Wines: When Delicacies Are An Invitation To Learn From French craftsmanship

From sturgeon roe to grapes, French craftsmen can turn raw ingredients into delicacies. That Art de vivre à la Française is everything but common. The codes French people get to be taught for taking a part in joyful feasts are a cultural relic you will be proposed to unveil on your way to a set of unique tastes.

Craft Your Personalized Wines And Lovely Food

Nouvelle-Aquitaine harbors national treasures such as Bordeaux wines and fine food. Feel how it is to be a part of the crew that daily performs those miracles. Give birth to your own bottle of Grand Cru as Bordeaux craftsmen will reveal their secrets and techniques. Follow a fisherman under a benevolent sun, the fresh water licking your skin, as your arms will be the nimble instrument of a high-standard practice. Out of the pond indeed, you will take off your waders to enjoy the fruit of your work through a caviar-eating lesson while sipping your homemade wine. Those moments will be an educative and sensory reward of an authentic activity that will engrave in your mind unique scents and sights.

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